CAMP GADGETS Information

bp-gadgets Baden-Powell said, “My ideal camp is where everyone is cheery and busy, where the patrols are kept intact under all circumstances, and where every patrol leader and Scout takes a genuine pride in his camp and his gadgets.”

Camp gadgets are smaller pioneering projects that serve a useful purpose around camp. They normally improve the campsite by adding convenience, and generally make a campsite feel more like a home away from home. There are numerous designs and ideas, several of which are featured on the Scout Pioneering Website containing links to suggested materials, procedures, and photo illustrations.

The projects listed in Requirement 3 were selected because, together, they provide a practical opportunity to put into practice all the lashings presented in this pioneering merit badge program. Additionally, each of these three have practical uses that can be applied during front country camping trips with your troop.

Camp Table
Wash Station

Camp Gadgets Bottom
Often referred to as campsite improvements, a good camp gadget should be durable, aesthetically pleasing, and serve a purpose.