Square Lashing

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The most common and frequently used lashing is the square lashing, which gets its name from the fact the wraps are “square” to the poles. Square lashings bind poles that are in contact and cross each other at any angle from 45º to 90º. There are various types of square lashings, and when tied tightly and correctly, they all do the job. Most-commonly used in the pioneering area at our national jamborees is the Mark II Square Lashing (aka Japanese Mark II Square Lashing, Japanese Lashing, Square Knot Square Lashing, Reef Knot Square Lashing), which has been widely-adopted for simplicity, speed, and efficiency.

1) Begin by placing the poles in the desired position. Fold your lashing rope in half. The midpoint of the rope is placed around the vertical pole and just under the crossing pole.
2) Now work both ends of the rope at the same time to make three wraps around the poles.
3) After completing the three wraps, bring the two ends down between the poles in opposite directions to make two frapping turns around the wraps.
4) Pull the frapping turns tight, and complete the lashing by tying the two ends with a square knot. It’s that simple.

Straightforward Approach to the Task of Lashing Two Poles Together
Wraps that are Even and Fraps that are Tight