Thanks go to Larry Green for writing this pamphlet. Thanks also go to the former National Camping Committee for their support, and to both the Merit Badge Maintenance Committee and the National Scouts BSA Committee for their guidance.

For over 25 years, Scout Pioneering in the BSA has primarily been influenced by the late Adolph Peschke. Much of the content in this pamphlet has been taken directly or adapted from his writings. Mr. Peschke’s input into the way Scout Pioneering is approached and carried out has assured the success of numerous pioneering endeavors. It’s because of Adolph that many of today’s Scout Pioneering enthusiasts are so avid in their pursuit to provide our youth with repeated opportunities to engineer and orchestrate the construction of pioneering structures that are useful or just plain fun.

It is appropriate to also acknowledge the extraordinary jamboree staff of the pioneering area and their leaders, whose love for what they do is evidenced by their dedication, along with the obvious fun they have in the midst of all their joyfully undertaken hard work.

Acknowledgements pertaining to Scout Pioneering would not be complete without a reference to the late John Thurman, longtime Gilwell Camp Chief. His wisdom, his wit, and his insight into what Scouting is all about live on through his writings and stories.