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Splicing Information

The back splice is made to prevent the end of the rope from raveling. It can be used instead of making a whipping. Of the three splices shown here, the back splice is the least used because its bulk at the working end of the rope makes tying some knots more difficult.

1) Unlay more than sufficient to make the splice and spread the strands evenly. With pieces of string or some tape, temporarily whip the ends of each strand (see constrictor knot).

2) Make a crown knot by bending each end over its neighbor in turn, going the same way round as the lay of the rope.

3) Pull the crown knot into shape.

4) Tighten it on top of the rope.

5) Tuck each end in turn over the adjoining main strand and under the next. Draw tight close up to the crown knot.

6) Continue in this way over and under one in turn at least three times.

7) Draw tight after each round of tucks.

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