Eye Splice

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Splicing Information

The eye splice creates a fixed loop at the end of the rope. These are some of the uses for an eye splice:

  • Splice a fixed loop onto the end of a guyline.
  • Splice a fixed loop with a thimble in a 10′ rope to form a strop.
  • Splice a rope into an eyebolt at the bow of a canoe.
  • Splice a rope into a tent or fly grommet.
  • Splice the throwing line into a ring buoy at the waterfront.
  • Splice the line into the block of a block and tackle.
  • Put eye splices into each end of a rope to be used as a sling.

Unlay more than enough strands for tucking. With a piece of string or some tape, temporarily whip the ends of the strands (see constrictor knot) and the part of the rope where they were separated.

1) Lay the strands out so there’s one on the left, one in the middle and one on the right.

2) Take the middle strand and tuck it under a strand at the proper distance to form the size eye you want.

3) With the strand on the left, go over the strand you just went under, and under the strand behind it.

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4) Turn the splice over and tuck in the last strand so that it exits where the middle strand entered. All strands should be coming out evenly at the same position around the rope.

5) Continue to tuck in each strand, over and under, for a total of three times for natural fiber rope, and four times for synthetic rope.

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