Timber Hitch


The Timber Hitch is a knot that can be tied quickly. As strain is put on the rope, the knot gets tighter, yet it remains easy to untie.

To tie a Timber Hitch, first wrap the running end around the timber log or spar. Then loop the running end around the standing part of the rope, continuing to wrap the running end around itself a few more times. This will form a hitch that will tighten on the timber as the rope is pulled. After the timber is dragged or hoisted into position, the Timber Hitch is easy to untie.

killickhitchWhen pulling or lifting a timber, log, or spar, throw a hitch around it at the end that is being pulled or lifted.

When using the Timber Hitch to lift or pull an object, an added Half Hitch combined with the Timber Hitch forms what has been referred to as a Killick Hitch. This combination is practical when making a lobstick to throw a line over a branch. The Killick Hitch is also known as a Kelleg Hitch. The Timber Hitch is most always exampled as the first step in tying the combination.

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