Traditional Square Lashing

The Traditional Square Lashing starts with a Clove Hitch tied on the vertical pole just below where you want to join the crossing horizontal pole (see photo 1). The Traditional Square Lashing is invaluable in those circumstances when only one hand is available to join the poles.

Using a Clove Hitch to Start the lashing allows you to rest the crossing pole on the Clove Hitch to help support it as you begin the lashing while building your structure.

After the clove hitch is tied, secure it by wrapping the excess short end of the rope around the running end.

Hold the crossing pole up to the vertical pole and make three wraps around the poles (see photo 2). Don’t overlap the rope and pull each wrap tight to hold the poles together.

Make two frapping turns around the wraps (between the poles) to pull the wraps tight (see photo 3). Finish with another Clove Hitch on the horizontal pole.

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