Pioneering Knot Information

Pioneering knots are are so-named, because they are extremely useful when building pioneering structures. These knots are called upon because of their ability to perform specific tasks related to building a reliable and safe project.  All basic camping knots and pioneering knots can be divided into three categories:

Bend – a knot used to join two lengths of rope. In Pioneering, we might encounter situations where there’s a need to join ropes that are wet, slick, or thick.

Hitch – a knot that attaches a rope to some object, often a ring, rail, spar, or post. In Pioneering, the clove hitch and two half hitches (Double Half Hitch) are used in some additional ways.

Loop Knot – a knot is used to form a loop that doesn’t slip, either at the end or in the middle of a line.

Generally speaking, the best knots are easy to tie, place a minimum of strain on a rope’s fibers, and are easy to untie.

Clove Hitch and Half Hitches / Butterfly Knot /  Roundturn with Two Half Hitches /  Rolling Hitch

 Water Knot /  Carrick Bend /  Draw Hitch /  Constrictor Knot

Additional Pioneering Knots